Females in the Industry: Katina Mercadante’s “Five”

So, I just recently decided I would start this little section in the blog devoted to sharing the work of females in entertainment.

Why am I doing this? Because I am a woman and I know the struggles a female goes through when immersing in an industry that is still male dominated. I will not discuss the negative side of it,  I rather choose a positive approach in sharing the work of females out there, wether they are producers, directors, animators, illustrators, editors etc. The industry is plagued by female talent. So without Further ado I present you this week’s Clip: “Five”

“Five” is a short film directed by Katina Mercadente, Katina is an american director and producer residing in Northern California.

“Five” follows a group of 5 children from different backgrounds and follows them in their religious practices. I chose this short as my first one because it revolves around the beauty of diversity, highlighting the contrasts between the characters while subtly pointing out the similarities between believers regardless of their religious choice.

Diversity is a beautiful thing, I love the contrasts with which our humanity is tainted because of it, and this is why I liked this video.



SHAVE IT- DAR Studios ( Based on a true Story )

Although it’s not new I just recently saw Dar Studios‘ short “Shave it”. From Buenos Aires Argentina these people represent latin american talent. This studio excels visually, imprinting in their work a very distinctive visual style. Feel free to check out their work, but first without further ado, I leave you: Shave it.


Although this has nothing to do with animation I feel obliged to post this trailer. It’s a documentary by Albert Maysles about one of my favorite people on this planet, Iris Apfel.

If you Know Iris, then your heart will ache with excitement for this documentary, if you don’t know her then this trailer will make you google her.

The fact is that I am such a fan of Iris because she reminds me that awesomeness does not age. Her love for fashion, art and life is contagious. She’s just darling, if you don’t believe me. Judge for yourself.


Color me pretty

New year came and went, and in a blink of an eye february arrived, gosh time goes by so fast when you are busy. Between work, gym, quality time with my family, boyfriend and friends I have little time left.
I haven’t posted anything in a really long time, and I know I have promised over and over again that I will change that fact, that I will post more often and I end up not keeping those promises. So from now on I will no longer promise things. I guess that’s a better philosophy of life, discipline in personal proyects is something I desperetly need.
This week I’ve been doing some research for an interactive installation that I am planning to do. I have been immersing myself in color theory and color physics. I find the work (and life) of Neil Harbisson fascintating, he has definetly been a source of inspiration for me during this process since this particular installation has to do with color and sound.
It’s kind of sad to confess, but this is not a new proyect at all. I’ve had the idea and general thesis of it for years, but had failed to actually do the damn thing!  Having ideas scribbled in notebooks is not the way to find personal realization. Can you tell I have been going through an existencialist crisis? I have not only developed a Peter Pan complex, but have successfully convinced myself that I had lost all personal drive while working for someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job, and I feel professional growth, but in a perosnal level I felt I was missing something. So here it is, my mid-february’s new year resolution: Talk less, do more.
I’ll leave a link below in case you are curious and want to know more about Neil Harbisson and his work, he embodies everything I wish to become someday.