I am Dení, a 27 year old line producer, with a bachelor’s degree in Animation and Digital Arts, who is tech savvy and loves
everything that has to do with the merge between arts and technology.

I have volunteered at Siggraph, and was an ICP at WDW Orlando. As you can see I love animation and everything that has to do with it. I find myself specially mesmerized when it comes to production pipelines that get big/ small and indie productions running smoothly.

I participated in Huevocartoon’s newest feature film ” Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos” ( A Little Brave Rooster )

Currently I’m the project manager at Zebra Studio.

I will be writing a lot about how the industry works and is growing in México, but I will also cover things I learn when I travel around and network with people who are more experienced and live in other countries. My goal is to learn how things are handled in other places outside of Mexico.

I am a BIG fan of Shotgun Software, and admire producers like Don Hahn and Tita Lombardo.

Besides producing I love experimental animation, heck experimental art in general! I like to watch art cinema, anime, read, hang out with my daughter and the pleasure of having a great meal. I Don’t drink coffee, but love tea.

I hope you have a fun time reading about the experiences and struggles that an aspiring producer goes through. Feel free to comment as often as you want, or if you have any stories to share feel free to submit them!

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