Females in the Industry: Katina Mercadante’s “Five”

So, I just recently decided I would start this little section in the blog devoted to sharing the work of females in entertainment.

Why am I doing this? Because I am a woman and I know the struggles a female goes through when immersing in an industry that is still male dominated. I will not discuss the negative side of it,  I rather choose a positive approach in sharing the work of females out there, wether they are producers, directors, animators, illustrators, editors etc. The industry is plagued by female talent. So without Further ado I present you this week’s Clip: “Five”

“Five” is a short film directed by Katina Mercadente, Katina is an american director and producer residing in Northern California.

“Five” follows a group of 5 children from different backgrounds and follows them in their religious practices. I chose this short as my first one because it revolves around the beauty of diversity, highlighting the contrasts between the characters while subtly pointing out the similarities between believers regardless of their religious choice.

Diversity is a beautiful thing, I love the contrasts with which our humanity is tainted because of it, and this is why I liked this video.



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